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Purposed Daughter

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Here’s the tea!!!

My name is Aubreea, no not like Aubrey or Aubre, more like Uh-bree-uh. I am a rainbow baby. I am a true millennial. I am a descendant of chattel slaves. I am Black Girl Magic, true to my roots, and proud of it. I am one of those “church girls,” and again, proud of it. I am a creative. I am a true introvert. I am a mental health advocate and soon-to-be mental health worker. Above all these things, I am a daughter of the King. A Purposed Daughter! Chosen before the foundation of the world to be a part of the family of God. It is my greatest honor and privilege.

My truth is I have no idea what this will be. Maybe this will be a therapeutic outlet for me. Maybe it will be an open documentation of my journey and encounters with God and through life. Maybe other women will be encouraged to know that the seed they are praying for will come forth and serve God for their generation. Maybe parents will begin to affirm their children that they were purposed to be here. Maybe young girls will start to find their identity in Christ and confess what he says about them. Maybe someone who doesn’t feel like they belong here will realize they were purposed to be here and begin to discover reasons to want to be here. Maybe someone will find encouragement here. Maybe someone will be inspired. Maybe someone will open their heart to Jesus. Maybe someone will discover community/support here. Maybe someone will find laughter or joy here. Maybe this is the manifestation of the prophet saying, “Girl, you are a writer.” Maybe E, all of the above. Perhaps something I never imagined or could have seen coming.

Whatever this is, whatever it will be, I have decided to submit to the process and embrace the unknown.

To all who will come along on this journey with me. Welcome! I appreciate you 🤍🤍

I pray that this is a safe space for us all!

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